What winning looks like to me

At the Civitas Senior Living Annual Leadership Conference this year, Valley View Assisted Living and Memory Care was awarded The Passion Award. And that might not sound like much to you, but it meant so much to me and my incredible team. At Valley View, we strive to live and work every single day with passion. It’s not just a word to us, it’s our mission. We believe that we work in our residents’ home, and anything less than passion is, in our opinion, disrespectful. And we don’t work that way.

It’s not by chance that we won The Passion Award. If I had to tell you how we did it, I’d boil it down to three things that are simple, but not easy.

  1. “That is not my job” is not part of our vocabulary. We help each other on a daily basis, whether the task is our department’s responsibility or not.
  2. Lead by example. Being a good leader in your department will be contagious and be passed on to the rest of the team.
  3. There is no I in TEAM. We are all teammates in this community and the residents are our family. You cannot win without your team and no one can do it alone.

Every day, my team and I make the decision to bring passion to our work, because our residents deserve it. I invite you to come see what I mean. Attend an event or just pop in for a tour. We can’t wait to meet you.

Richard Mancha, Executive Director, Valley View Assisted Living and Memory Care